Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Time I Received 36 Red Roses

Did I ever tell you about the time I received 3 dozens of beautiful red roses, delivered to my office by a red-faced hotel PR Manager?

You see, I was planning my wedding reception and dealing with a new PR Manager at a hotel here in PJ and spent weeks going back and forth to this hotel; discussing menus, dates, decorations, seating and so on. At long last, I managed to finalize everything with this PR Manager who verbally agreed to my rates and requests. Throughout my dealings, I offered to pay the deposit for my booking several times but he kept on insisting that I did not have to pay anything just yet.

A few weeks before the wedding, I received a call from the hotel saying my booking has not been confirmed! They asked me to choose a different date and sent me a new quote, charging MORE than what was initially discussed and agreed. What's worse, there was no record of my booking or discussions in their register! hah

Of course I was shocked and I threw a huge tantrum over the phone! I was the bride after all and why was I subjected to this tedious nonsense weeks away from my big day when it was the inefficiency of the staff that caused my booking to be mishandled? So I angrily wrote a 3-page complaint; quoting everything that went on in my meetings with the PR Manager including my offer to pay the deposit several times prior to this disaster!

The very next day, the Senior PR Manager dropped by office; bearing apologies and the beautiful red roses I mentioned! She apologized on behalf of her staff and said that everything had been rectified to the original quote and my wedding date was confirmed. As compensation, I will also receive a FREE
2-nights stay in the Honeymoon Suite, breakfast included! Smiley

I guess my tantrum worked but don't get me wrong! I don't make a habit of throwing tantrums wherever I go; only in places that treat me wrong. Anyway that was a nice
wedding memory for me and moral of the story? If you are planning a wedding or a big hotel event anytime soon, make sure you get your hotel right first! gelakguling

Holiday Inn
for instance offers meeting rooms and wedding banquet suites in over 120 hotels in the UK and Ireland. If ever I do get to visit Baby Issy in UK, I'd definitely book a Holiday Inn room. You can of course hold weddings here too and based on the pictures online, the banquet suites are gorgeous!

What I like most is the service promised. Always aiming to please,
Holiday Inn respond to your initial enquiry on the same working day and deliver a full meeting proposal within 24 hours. Now this spells efficiency for me and you can definitely avoid the unnecessary blunder I had to endure with my wedding reception. Dedicated Holiday Inn Meetings Hosts and Wedding Organisers are on hand to assist you in planning your meeting or wedding; ensuring all your event needs and requirements are met like refreshments, high quality flower arrangements, room layout, personalised menus and even taxis on departure for your guests; giving you the wedding of your dreams! Smiley

Sounds like a wonderful stress-free venue choice for your next hotel event. So if you're currently in the market for great sites to host your wedding or business event, drop by
Holiday Inn. Happy planning and remember...only throw a tantrum when you absolutely have to! ihikhik

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