Monday, September 6, 2010

MM - Berakhir Cintamu by Sheila Majid **

Late one starry night, many many years ago, I happened to listen to a sad love song by Sheila Majid for the very first time. I was inside B's car and we were then dating and so in love. The song was part of a medley so I only heard about 2 verses before it went into another song. My first listen was enough to captivate and I immediately fell in love with the song and the lyrics. senyumkenyit

When B and I separated months after that, I was of course heartbroken and the first thing I did was to search frantically for the said love song. B was no longer in my life but that particular song was haunting me. Although sad, I found the song truly beautiful and it reminded me too much of our happier moments. It felt like my final link to B somehow and I needed one last listen and one last cry before I could truly say goodbye. Smiley

I searched high and low for the song and asked all my friends if they've heard of it. Unfortunately, it wasn't one of Sheila's more popular songs so nobody seemed to know this song. I spent a lot of time in numerous music stores; browsing through old Sheila albums looking for this one song, to no avail. The radio never seemed to play it so that was a dead-end too. And what's worse was that I had nothing to go by in my futile search. I didn't know the title of the song and all I could remember was the first word Daun (Leaf) and the singer - Sheila Majid.

After all these years, I only recently chanced upon this song again but of course all is history and there is no need for closure now. Nonetheless, I was still thrilled to finally find my long lost song and the title of the song is not Daun by the way. It is Berakhir Cintamu and it was released in 1985 under Sheila Majid's Dimensi album, which also featured the popular
Dia and Pengemis Muda.

Listening to the song today, I still love it just as much. And yes, it still takes me back to that first-time listen when I first found love in both this song and now hubby B... rindu

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