Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where is Mariuca? **

Hi everyone! I am currently on vacation and as promised at my main blog, I am having a second "Where is Mariuca?" contest here at MPG. To WIN a souvenir from my vacation, all you have to do is guess the location I'll be heading to during the second half of my trip.

FYI, I've never been to this particular country but B has during his uni days. Located in North-West Europe, this country is known for its Tulips, clogs, cheese and windmills. We are headed for the capital, which is also the largest city of this country and draws more than 3.66 million international visitors annually. Among others, attractions here include the historic canals, the Red Light District, Anne Frank House and the infamous "coffee shops" only found here.

Okay, I've given you more than enough hints to go by so it's time to start guessing my location; good luck everybody!


1. This contest is open to ALL MPG readers who are:

First Commenter Club members; or
- Listed in my Blogroll OR have
MPG listed in your blogroll; or
Subscribers of Mariuca's Perfume Gallery; or
- Twitter followers of

2. International entries are allowed.

3. Comments will be on moderation until Thursday 17th Sept.

4. Answer ALL questions below correctly in order to WIN. The FIRST Three MPG Readers to answer BOTH questions correctly will WIN!

- Which COUNTRY is my travel destination on the second half of my trip?
- What is the country's capital city?


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