Sunday, October 17, 2010

European Escapade - Shopping Frenzy! **

Picking up from my last stop at the Tower of London, the next day
B and I woke up a little later than planned. We rushed through breakfast and made our way to London Marylebone to catch a train to Bicester Village, which is located in the English county of Oxfordshire.

On the way to Bicester North

Scenic and speedy, our journey to
Bicester North took 48 minutes. I was hoping to get some good shots of the cows and sheep grazing in the fields but the train was too fast to capture truly clear pictures. Apparently other passengers (pic above) had the same idea I had and there was plenty of snapping going on.

Fresh green scenery

We arrived at
Bicester North and waited for the Taxi Bus to take us to Bicester Village. On the way, we passed through a residential area, which made for an even more interesting ride.

English Houses

It was a cold and breezy day but once we arrived, everything looked bright and sunny; like we've entered into a whole new zone, complete with perfect shopping weather and picturesque surroundings! Smiley

Pretty Bicester Village Bus Stop

By the way,
Bicester Village is a great place to shop for smart shoppers like you and me. With over 130 luxury brand boutiques, offering collections at reduced prices up to 60% all year round, this was pure bliss for me who love to shop but love discounts even more! duit

Ready to shop!

Bicester Visitor Centre

As we made our way past the Visitor Centre to the main shopping area, Bicester Village looked really inviting and pretty and I was excited to see what's in store for me. Even B, who despite claiming this day was just for me, enjoyed shopping in this serene and pretty shopping centre. sengihnampakgigi

Shopping Haven

I popped in to quite a number of boutiques but of course, spent more time at my favourite brands. All the boutiques I visited were welcoming with friendly smiling staff.

Calvin Klein
is one of my favourite brands so my first purchase was here. Besides a superb brown jacket for my baby, I pampered myself with a new wallet and an awesome basic black CK handbag! Mind you, it was not a planned purchase or anything but the basic CK shoulder-bag was going for an irresistible price. Plus, there were only 2 left so I had to bring one home with me! ihikhik

Love CK

With a beam on my face and laden with my new CK buys, we stopped for a break at Starbucks. Smiley

Rest & Relax

Chocolate caramel muffin and Coffee

Enjoying coffee in Bicester Village

Everywhere I go, I need my Starbucks!

My shopping spree continued in Guess, which is another favourite brand. B and I both got new shades for ourselves and some gifts for family and friends. It was hard not to buy anything in Guess and I love the fact that the staff was more than accommodating when I requested to have my items in separate bags. Smiley

New Guess Bags for my collection!

Here in Malaysia, most sales assistants tend to pull long faces (which I can clearly see) or simply deny my polite request whenever I ask for extra bags. Besides perfume, I also collect pretty paper bags so I usually ask for an extra one wherever I shop and the Guess bags that came with my purchases definitely belong in my paper bag collection!

Shopping Frenzy

It was already late evening and we had plans for a farewell dinner with sis and family later that night so we started making our way back to the Bus Stop, where the Taxi Bus will take us back to the train station to catch our ride back to
London Marylebone.

We've almost reached the exit when I spotted a really pretty pink hand bag inside Radley's window! It was marked under New Item so I was initially worried it would cost me a bomb and by that, I mean more than £200. I made a beeline for the pink handbag and was thrilled to find it at a really great price! So that's two handbags in a day, which is a first for me! menari

Sealing the deal!

According to
B, I was practically bouncing out of Radley after paying for my new pretty pink bag! It's kinda true actually because I do have this tendency to get a bounce in my step whenever I feel happy. And shopping here in Bicester at such awesome prices definitely got me going! Smiley

Bouncing out with my new buy

It was time to say goodbye to
Bicester Village (for real) and though time to shop has ended for me, there is always time for a picture! senyumkenyit

Goodbye Bicester Village

All in all, I had a wonderful day shopping in
Bicester Village and if you're ever in London, do make a point to visit this luxury-brand shopping outlet! I had a blast and I know you will too. You won't be sorry and I guarantee you will return home with at least one shopping bag in hand! ihikhik

Thanks Bicester Village, I had a blast!


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