Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cancer Car Charity

Do you have any famous rich celebrities reading your blog or following you on Twitter? Not that they have the time to actually sit and read your blog or tweet with you endlessly but it still feels great to have someone famous as a fan! I wish I had rich celebs as readers right now because I bet they would definitely not feel a pinch when donating a car for
cancer, which is what my post is trying to convey.

Have you heard of
Cars Fighting Cancer? Vehicle donation for cancer sounds pretty pricey and frankly, I don’t know how many of us enjoy the luxury of owning more than one car. So to donate car for cancer definitely calls for serious consideration. But of course, it is for a wonderful cause and if you can afford it; why not show your generosity by donating?

The likes of David Beckham and Paris Hilton are known to be extravagant in almost every aspect of their glamorous life, flashy cars included. Check out Beckham in his Porsche while Paris looks stunning stepping out from her Pink Bentley!


Paris in Pink

Now if anyone can afford donating a car towards the fight against cancer, celebrities should make the priority list. After all, if you can easily buy and drive around in luxury cars like these, then what’s a small
car donation right? siul

Every car donated to
Cars Fighting Cancer will be sold at the highest price possible with proceeds from your vehicle donation going to building and renewing hopes for cancer patients. The leading cause of death in the US, cancer is gaining increased awareness and concern every day. Research, education, service and support are vital elements in the fight against cancer and in order to eventually reach a cure, your donation towards this great cause is crucial. Any rich and generous bloggers out there willing to join Cars Fighting Cancer? fikir

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