Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chic and Charming *

Today I visited know just to see what's new there and the first quiz I saw was this one on dessert! How appropriate seeing that I've just posted a sinfully sweet banana dessert in my last post. So I chose the dessert most appealing to me right this minute and this is how I scored in the Dessert Menu test.

Have fun with the quiz too and don't forget to share your dessert with me!

You Are Chic and Charming

You are a very stylish and put together person. You expect the best from yourself and others. - I do place high standards in everything I do. ihikhik

You are quite alluring and seductive. People are mysteriously drawn to you. - A little mystery goes a long way. senyumkenyit

You light up a room, and you are always dazzling. You don't need much to really sparkle. - Razzle-dazzle especially when I have a new scent to pick-me-up! Smiley

At heart, you are a romantic. Like everyone else, you are searching for that true l
ove connection. - This incurable romantic is happy to have found her soul mate. peluk


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