Thursday, April 22, 2010

Silly Mistake!

My first visit to Thai Odyssey in Centrepoint was indeed memorable. It left me feeling relaxed after a wonderful massage and it also left me amused because I accidentally walked into the Men's Room instead of the Women's Room!

What happened was; I had finished my massage earlier than B so I left the massage room to wait for him outside in the reception area. While waiting, I decided to freshen up in the Women's Room. I've been to Centrepoint many times prior to this massage session but I've never been to the washrooms on this particular floor.

Thai Odyssey is located right at the corner of the 2nd floor by the way and apparently does not provide a rest room for its patrons within its centre. Guests requiring restroom would have to proceed to the nearest one outside. The centre was already closing for the day so the front exit was locked. I spotted another
exit sign at the back. I was hesitant to take the back exit but I really had to use the loo by then so I pushed the door open before making a beeline for the "Ladies".

So there I was inside the Women's Room touching up my make-up and what not when a worker suddenly popped her head inside, screaming at me to vacate the MEN'S room asap! She looked a little amused but since she was screaming at poor startled me in Indonesian, I rushed out of there in a panic!

In my haste I left my favourite Berry Brown lipstick behind, which I only realized when we were halfway home.
Fortunately, it was not a perfume that got left behind. I'd surely cry and persuade B to drive back so we could retrieve it. But it wasn't so I didn't and we ended up driving home with B laughing at my silliness! Smiley

Moral of the story? Never take a back exit if you don't know where it leads. Otherwise, you just might end up feeling pretty silly like me!

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