Saturday, April 24, 2010

Enthusiasm Giveaway Contest **

My friend Fida at has just released her first novel "Enthusiasm" and all I can say is WOW! To be a published author is a huge deal for someone who loves to write like me. And I am just so proud and thrilled to have our own celebrity in my blogging circle of friends so congratulations Fida! tepuktangan

In celebrating her success, Fida is running a contest where you will have a chance to WIN her novel. I've been really busy with work lately so I'm submitting my very late entry today. The contest ends tomorrow so I'm hoping this last-minute entry will bring me luck and I'll win! doa

Hailing from Indonesia, Fida now resides in the US with her husband and their very pretty little girl. Seeing her "Enthusiasm" and relentless drive in achieving her dreams is undoubtedly inspiring. As her blog friend and reader, I knew she was working on her first novel via her blog writings and followed the process she went through in getting "Enthusiasm" out.

After reading reviews on her novel, I would love to have a deeper insight into Fida and her innermost thoughts and dreams, which she beautifully poured out in "Enthusiasm". The novel is based on her life story and how she successfully faced and conquered her fears and hurdles in pursuing her dream to be a writer. Smiley

Now that "Enthusiasm" is officially released and receiving immense attention too, I am just so proud of her. And I'd love to receive an autographed copy from her of course! It thrills me when someone I love achieves something scent-sational. For Fida to have her very own story published and read worldwide is truly the best form of compliment any writer could receive. And I hope "Enthusiasm", as one of her greatest writing achievements; will help inspire me to continue believing in and pursuing my own dreams too. rindu

CONGRATULATIONS on your amazing success Fida!

Please visit and for more information.

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