Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Inspiring Gifts **

It's gifts galore today, thanks to two awesome blog buddies who remembered lil' old me on their recent Europe vacations.
Emila went to Italy with her publisher while LR toured Europe for 3 whole weeks. Am I green with envy? Of course! So I'm thrilled they brought home a little Europe for me, thanks so much ladies! peluk

I love all my gifts and I am especially happy to receive the beautiful fridge magnets. Remember my
fridge magnet collection? Well, it's getting bigger and I may have to buy a new giant fridge to display them ALL!

Awesome Leaning Tower of Pisa from LR

I would also like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Emila for having her very first book published and out in the market! First it was Fida with her novel and now Emila has come up with her own range of children's books and I'm so proud of them both! Their success shall continue inspiring me to one day achieve my book dream too. rindu

Thank you very much for your meaningful gift
Emila. As expected, crybaby me got all teary holding your very first book in my hands. Thanks so much for remembering me with this autographed copy of your most amazing achievement and I wish you bigger success, love ya! Smiley

A gift I'll cherish forever


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