Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catching Up Over Brownies **

I finally got around to meeting up with my BFF Shyam last week. She is also one of my oldest friends from school and we've been friends since we were 13 years old! So it was really good to catch up with her on all that has happened since our last lunch date some time last year.

The weather was hot and the food was yummy. I suggested we go to Big Brother so she could taste
the scrumptious food there and we spent almost 3 hours gossiping and exchanging juicy stories about our other friends. Her business is doing really well and I'm happy to see Cake Connection flourishing. She looked great, skinny as always and ever so tall; I always feel like a stumpy dwarf next to her! Anyway, I was too busy talking and completely forgot to take pictures of despite bringing along my trusty camera! Smiley

Aside from getting a chance to catch up and chill out for an afternoon, the best thing about my lunch date was the box of walnut brownies Shyam had baked for me. Fresh from the oven, her sinfully sweet delicious brownies came in a box with pretty white and red ribbon. Red is my favourite colour so I thought it was sweet of her to remember.

By the way, she doesn't make her famous brownies for just anyone so I was thrilled she made a yummy batch just for me, thanks Shyam!


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