Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scent-sational Strawberry! *

I am loving Blogthings tonight! Apparently my fruity scent is
Strawberry, which I love.. both the fruit and the scent! I adore strawberry-scented soaps, perfumes, candles and so on so this quiz is yet another spot on result for yours truly! gelakguling

Take the quiz too and share your fruity scent with me!

You Should Smell Like Strawberries

You are sweet and innocent. You remind people of a simpler, happier time ... because you have found the key to happiness. - Always in pursuit of happiness so don't worry, be happy!

You are playful and fun loving. You are also a bit of a daydreamer - you find it difficult to concentrate on work. - Oh so true especially as of late!

You find joy in almost everything around you. You are distracted by whatever is new, cute, or shiny. - I do, I do love anything cute, shiny or fluffy!

You are upbeat and carefree. Your feelings do get hurt easily, but you bounce back like a champ! - Easily bruised but once I get over the pain, it's all good!


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