Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogs Gone Awry *

Apparently my blogs got deleted by Mr. G yesterday due to suspicious activity detected in my account or something to that effect! Yes what a shocker but all has been resolved although I am still having issues receiving email, which could be a totally unrelated matter but one just as stressful. adus

Worries aside, I was pleasantly surprised to see many concerned friends looking for me online when they discovered my blogs were MIA. I woke up late evening yesterday so it was only then I discovered my missing blogs. The messages I received really helped for they showed me how much you love my blogs!

Let me now return the favour with a special THANKS to
Nessa, Caroline, GG, Haaziq, LJ, Emila, Monica, LR, Liza, Juliana, David, Bill, Bella and Foong. I really hope I did not leave anyone out but if I did, love me enough to forgive me okay?


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