Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Little Appreciation **

I love my blog! Not just MPG but Wishing on a Falling Star and Meow Diaries as well. My blogs give me the freedom to do whatever I want online. They are my sanctuary from life's insanity. Whenever I feel musical, there's Music Monday to express my love for a particular song. When love suddenly inspires, I can write a sad love story. And if I want to share the cuteness of my fluffy cats, there is always my cat blog.

Today, allow me to thank all my blog readers and friends for your continuous support and love for my blogs. As a perfectionist, I aim to bring only the best and most entertaining your way. So if I don't update as regularly as I should, that just means I am cooking up something read-worthy and enjoyable for you! Smiley

I would also like to give a special shout-out to two non-blog friends
Eva and Cynthia Anne who recently told me how much they enjoy reading my blogs. Eva is now residing in UK and Cyn is in Aussie. Silent readers they are so they do not comment but the mere thought of them visiting my blogs and loving what I serve is more than enough to make me go Smiley

Happy Sunday!


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