Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bathroom Woes!

It is extremely difficult to find affordable hotels with spacious
bathroom suites, in the destination of my not-so-secret
vacation! adus

Besides location, an attached bathroom suite is a must for me prior to checking into any hotel. It doesn't have to be huge but decent enough to hold a shower or a bathtub. For the past week, I've been searching online and you would not believe how hard it is to find affordable hotels with decent bathroom suites and facilities where we're heading! Most bathroom suites in hotels within our budget are either too tiny, without doors, weirdly-shaped or just plain tiny!

"The shower is absolutely ridiculous. It is hard to get in because the door cannot open wide enough due to the toilet.

"The bathroom was a large glass cubicle which was only part-frosted; not especially pleasant to see, hear, and smell everything.

"Shower so small you can barely fit in it. Water runs all over the floor. Wash bowl faucet sticks out the full length of the wash bowl, hard to wash your face.

These 3-star and 4-star hotels should seriously consider upgrading their bathroom suites. I hear
Better Bathrooms recently launched a new range of value bathroom suite packages, why not give them a visit?

Here, you can get all your bathroom needs including the popular ceramic toilets and basin sets as well as a huge range of bath styles. The sets start from just
£199.95 for a complete bathroom suite. Home owners renovating bathrooms should also check out this fantastic deal as well as the thousands of high quality hand selected bath room products available. All products come with a guarantee for better peace of mind and better shopping experience at Better Bathrooms. Smiley

While we understand that in this particular part of the world we're heading, rooms are tiny and bathroom suites tinier; the negative customer reviews leave us undecided and we have yet to select a hotel. One thing's for sure,
I doubt the
bathroom suite in the hotel we finally book would be as spacious or as luxurious as the ones I'm accustomed to below. Am bracing myself for the worst now so I won't be shocked later! Smiley

Trader's Hotel, KL

Gardens Hotel, KL

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