Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scent-sational Perfume Party! *

And the winner of the Best Perfumer Award is ... Mariuca of Mariuca's Perfume Gallery!!

How I wish that's true but this is all a figment of my imagination! Can you picture the perfume lover and collector in me coming out with her own signature perfume? I'd definitely want a lime green bottle and a pink one as well for my scents. Just thinking about this gets me excited! Smiley

For now, I am just happy to have been invited by the good people of AVON to attend their prestigious Hervé Léger
Perfume launch at J.W. Marriott Hotel last week. It was the first official blog related event I attended by invitation. I doubt I'll simply attend just any event but since this was a scent-sational affair, I made sure to make an appearance with three other blogger friends Emila, LJ and Marvic.

Emila, Marvic, Me

My perfume review is already out and I did not post many pictures of the launch in that post so feast your eyes here instead. Before the event started, we went around the hall taking pictures of the decor and displays inside.

Hervé Léger Femme

Launch Area

The four of us ended up sitting right here at the VIP seats, which gave us a great front-row view of the entire launch.

VIP seats

Busy on our iPhone 4!

Marvic and Me

One of the great features of the new iPhone 4 is that it has 2 cameras. There's one on the front which focuses on you and the other is on the back, which focuses on the view behind. See how easy it was for me to take this picture of Marvic and me using my iPhone 4? Look into the camera; make sure we look okay on the screen, smile and snap! Love it! Smiley

M & M

Elaine Aisyah, Avon Malaysia’s Public Relations Manager

NoorAshikin Selamat, Avon Malaysia’s Brand Communications Manager

After the briefs and informative talks were heard, it was time for the super slim, super tall models to make their appearance. It was difficult not to gawk especially when they're all so gorgeous, towering above everyone else inside the room! Smiley

Model Madness!

The highlight of the event was model actress Fazura making her celebrity appearance, clad in the iconic bandage dress and holding a bottle of Hervé Léger Femme. After she finished her perfume prance around the room, there was a question-answer session, which allowed the actress her say and thoughts on the new scent.


Fazura with the perfume models

Answering questions from the Press

Of course I was happy to meet up with BFF LJ again, who celebrated her birthday yesterday by the way. We took plenty of pictures, enjoyed a wonderful afternoon tea at J.W. Marriott and giggled throughout the event!

LJ and Me

Thanks so much to AVON for a scent-sational day and for the delightful goodies, I had a blast!

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