Thursday, March 31, 2011

Face Paint for Me? **

Updated my FCSB today and I was shocked to realize that I only published two miserable posts this month OMG! I actually apologized to my blog on Twitter but seriously, I felt a little bad about neglecting my scent-sational blog! Smiley

To make up for my laziness, I am including a last-minute post for March. It's the last day of March (thank goodness for 31 days!) so let's end this month with something fun, like this beauty quiz!

Apparently, my signature make-up is face paint! The only time I painted my face like this was during a fancy dress party many years ago. I went as Pocahontas so a little face painting was definitely called for! Does this mean I have to start painting my face now?!

Your Makeup Look Is

Face Paint

You have the talent (and beauty) to pull of this ornate look

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