Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Play for Fun, Win for Real!

Now you can try your luck at getting some real money just for playing cool online games using no deposit casino bonus codes. The only catch is that you have to win of course! Otherwise, what real money do you have to cash out right? ihikhik

Check out these daily-updated no deposit bonus codes, which you can use to redeem as free play in online casinos. Play for free, play without worry and if you’ve always wondered what casino fun is all about but way too cautious about losing your money, this is the perfect way to try your luck while having ‘slots of fun’ with no deposit bonus. Smiley 

Speaking of fun and games, B and I shared a small glory moment in the Holland Casino during our last every-day-must-visit-casino vacation back in October! And although the winning in Holland Casino was nowhere near the mini jackpot yours truly won last year, it was sufficient to get me a bit of this and that.

 photo 1IMG_5177pw_zps1c3f3c8c.jpg
Fun Times
 photo 2photoe2pw_zps09f06d9a.jpg
Happily shopping at Hard Rock Shop
 photo 3IMG_8806pw_zps1b220e3c.jpg
Happily shopping at Lush
 photo 4photo2pw_zps0b21afc0.jpg
Come to me Perfume!
My favourite buy was of course the most scent-sational! I truly enjoyed my perfume shopping spree on this vacation and ended up with quite a few good bottles to add to my collection. Even B who never goes on a perfume shopping spree joined in the fun with a few bottles of his own so thanks Holland Casino, we had a blast! Smiley



Monday, April 7, 2014

Pretty Pandora Charm Bracelet *

After weeks of dreaming about and discussing getting a gorgeous Pandora charm bracelet with my Pandora-loving girlfriends, I finally got around to choosing my gift from B … thanks very much Love!Smiley

 photo 4Box_zps3bb1200f.jpg
 photo 5CB_zps2273302d.jpg
Pretty Pandora
 photo 2MandB_zps07f8251f.jpg

The whole Pandora purchase took about an hour with me first choosing a bracelet before poring over the endless selection of charms available in Pandora, Tropicana City Mall.Smiley

 photo 1Pandora_zps94a83051.jpg
 photo 3CB_zpscc30114e.jpg
Mine at last ...

The salesperson who attended to me was accommodating and entertained my many ‘funny’ questions with patience, which was an added bonus for fussy yet lovable customers like me! ihikhik

 photo 6Sales_zps3ea4fac9.jpg
Yeah ... wrap it up!

Initially I had my heart set on the gorgeous new lavender bracelet from the Spring 2014 collection but decided against it when I discovered it was leather made, which I don’t really care for. After weighing my two available options between the Moments Oxidised Silver Clasp Bracelet and the Moments Silver Clasp Bracelet, I selected the latter along with two Showered With Love Clips.Smiley
 photo 7Bracelet_zpsc9d973b1.jpg
 photo 8BraceletSilver_zpsda9dfa44.jpg
Moments Silver Clasp Bracelet
I then happily proceeded to designing my very own Pandora charm bracelet. The first charm I asked to see was the Fairy Tales Book charm, which I’ve been eyeing ever since I saw it on BFF Monica’s blog.Smiley

 photo 9Fairy_zpsf72328e0.jpg
A cute and tiny magical book depicting the ever-dreamy and incurable romantic in me who sometimes feels like she belongs in a magical fairy tale world! The moment I laid my eyes on it at the store, I was sold and even B smiled at how adorable it looked on my bracelet! Isn’t it gorgeous? Smiley

 photo 10FairyTale_zps03dc9694.jpg
Ultimate charm

Next, I wanted a travel charm to represent my love for faraway travel adventures and what better charm to epitomize just that than a tiny Passport? Love it! So that was charm number 2. tepuktangan

 photo 11PPort_zps60bc3408.jpg
 photo 12Passport_zps9fb735fe.jpg
Lucky travel charm

By then, I had already asked to see quite a few charms and with over 600 pieces of sterling silver, 14k gold and two-tone charms to choose from; I was truly spoiled for choice as I flipped through the thick Pandora book of charms.

 photo 13Charms_zpse0318e05.jpg
Charm after Charm
 photo 14Book_zps72bb3160.jpg
Pandora Book of Charms

I decided to add a touch of colour to my bracelet and since I was quite taken with the new Spring 2014 collection, I selected the new arrival subtle Pink Pavé Ball as my third and final charm. senyumkenyit

 photo 15Ball_zps72816cc5.jpg
 photo 16PinkBall_zpsbb9582f4.jpg
Magic Pink Ball

And there you have it - three beautiful charms to kick start my new hobby of collecting as many Pandora charms as I can!Smiley
 photo 19CBCharms_zps1f236e85.jpg
 photo 18CBTry_zps12df287d.jpg
Trying on for size
 photo 20CBSet_zps66c14548.jpg
Pandora perfection

Shopping done, we stopped by Kluang Station for lunch but I was too excited to eat. Instead, I was busy snapping photos of my Pandora present and posing for pictures with my shiny new bracelet! Well, wouldn’t you too? ihikhik

 photo 21M_zps0c72632c.jpg
Got my bracelet!
 photo 17CBBox_zps00b3339a.jpg
3 lovely charms
 photo 22MandB_zpsb5c76e33.jpg
Yeah .. loving my gift!

My fourth and final charm was a surprise from B who had discreetly returned to Pandora without my knowledge. Under the pretext of visiting the men’s room halfway through our late lunch, my Darling took that time to get me one last charm to complete my gift.

 photo 23MCharm_zps46fbbfe3.jpg

A small Pandora bag was waiting for me and inside was my surprise charm, which of course defines me to the very core ... the Alphabet M, thanks Love! M stands for my name Marzie of course and for Mariuca, for my scent-sational blog MPG and well, for my beloved country Malaysia too so YAY!Smiley

 photo 24MCharm_zpsb5534133.jpg
I absolutely adore all my chosen charms and the special one from B but of course my favourite is the Fairy Tales Book charm. Thanks to my Love for presenting me with this beautiful charm bracelet, which I shall cherish for always. rindu

 photo 25CB_zpsf3187144.jpg
Pretty Pandora Charm Bracelet
 photo 26Charms_zpsf09b4448.jpg
My Pandora collection
Next on my Pandora wish list is this gorgeous Pandora Bow Bag glamour charm, which was out of stock during my visit by the way. So which Pandora charm of mine is your favourite and why? I'd love to know!Smiley

 photo 27BagCharm_zps81fdda39.jpg
I wish, I want ...
 photo 28RM_zps81fdda39.jpg
Thanks Love!

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