Saturday, June 18, 2011

Scents from Singapore! *

I love perfume shopping in Scent-sational Singapore! The last time I went to Singapore, I came home with a whole bunch of miniature perfumes for my perfume gallery, 4 different sets to be exact AND a big bottle of
CK Eternity Summer for my spritzing pleasure! Smiley

That was one of the best perfume shopping sprees ever so you can imagine how pleased I was with my latest perfume purchases from our recent
trip to Singapore. Once again, I got most of my minis from Changi Airport, which I daresay offers some of the best duty-free deals around! Smiley

Oh and I finally got a new bottle of scent for my Darling too. B is a stickler for
Hugo Boss, which smells great on him. Let's see the latest addition to my perfume gallery shall we?

Perfume Purchases

JPG definitely boasts one of the best bottle designs in the industry don't you agree?

My first batch of JPG minis

And here is my latest JPG buy, also from sunny Singapore! How to resist right? ihikhik

I also got a set of DKNY apples for my collection, which means I now own 6 beautiful bottles in my Perfume Gallery!

Last but definitely not least, I purchased a perfume from my favourite songstress Diva Mariah Carey, which I have to say is as scent-sational as her songs, I love it! This scent is not a mini so it's not a part of my collection and is meant for daily wear by yours truly. Do you see any of your special scents here? senyumkenyit


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