Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good to be Back

Hola! How have my lovely Mariucans been? Did you have a good CNY break? After the MIL visit I mentioned at my other blog, I spent the next two days recovering from our trip! Ha ha are you wondering why it took me two whole days to fully rejuvenate myself before I could bring myself to write another post here? Well, I know it was just a day trip but seriously, travelling by car is really not much fun! Thank goodness my destination was a mere 2 hours away, but it was nonetheless a tiring journey to and fro and though we did not say it out loud, B and I were both glad to finally reach home sweet home on the first CNY day.

We had been up since 8am that day and the whole day was filled with a lot of driving, chit-chatting, passing out ang pows, visiting and eating. One of the many visitors we met had recently installed a new Water Softener filter system in his home. Did you know that certain water filtration systems require you to purchase separate water filters for each faucet? That means you would need one for the kitchen faucet, another for the main room shower and so on. Well apparently, this new system of his
offers a single “whole-house” system, which delivers clean water throughout his home.

He spent a whole 30 minutes explaining to us how his new water filter functions. From every little detail like securing a good deal for it to how the whole process was completed very quickly and the fact that he feels so much healthier now that he is ensured of clean and safe water every time he turns a tap, in any room throughout his entire home! By the time he was finally done, I think both of us were pretty much experts on water filter systems and the word filter kept on ringing in my head the whole journey home! ;)

We reached home close to midnight and as deadbeat as we were, I miraculously managed to drop my EC cards that day, although I only got to 283 cards for MPG. It was almost 3am then and my eyes were failing me.

B has also been on leave for the last two days, so obviously I've been busy catching up on some alone time with him. It's not often I get my baby all to myself the whole day and it's best to make the most of it whenever I get the chance. So that explains my MIA these past few days, did you miss me? ;)

Anyway, the weekend is upon us once again and I am slowly kicking back into gear at work and blogging. It's good to be back and thanks a million to everyone who dropped by this week. :)


Anonymous,  February 6, 2009 at 2:47 AM

LOL Rozie, but am sure u had fun anyway! Gong Xi Fa Cai! J

Anonymous,  February 6, 2009 at 2:49 AM

Blanne, I love travelling to, but enjoy it more when I actually arrive at the destination LOL! J

Anonymous,  February 6, 2009 at 2:51 AM

Ha ha that’s so true Jackie, I don think I can take roadtrips very well, hats off to you sweetie! Missed u too. J

Love n Hugs from Genie Princess!

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