Friday, March 26, 2010

February Top 10 Mariucans *

I'm a little sad that this will be my last Top 10 Mariucans post here. Just to recap what has transpired at MPG over the last few weeks, I have finally removed JS-Kit Echo from my blog. Trust me, there was a lot of pondering, whining to
LJ, discussing with Monica and a whole lot of emails bouncing around before I finally decided to switch to Intense Debate (ID) and leave JS behind. Smiley

I was devastated to say goodbye to
JS but the MCS issue was too much for me to handle so I figured at least one of my blogs should be free from this very annoying issue. My switch to ID means that my comments here will not synchronize with Blogger so my TCM and TCO widgets are no longer functioning, which is why I'll be removing them from my site at the end of the month. Smiley

Apparently, ID has its own Top Commenter Widget too, which you can see in my sidebar. Only problem is I still cannot ascertain the full extent of how the widget works and ever since I put it up, I can only see LJ and Monica on the widget so we'll see. Smiley

Until then, thanks so much to my scent-sational Mariucans who kept me entertained with your comments for my posts. And even though I no longer have a fully-functioning Top Commenter widget here, you can still enjoy linky love for commenting with the First Commenter Club. Just get in a CHOP (
first to comment) to enjoy your linky love from MPG. Have a great weekend! Smiley


Gagay - 1000 EC credits + 1 FOC Ad

Top Mariucan Overall
Monica - 1000 EC credits + 1 FOC Ad


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