Saturday, June 26, 2010

Currently Into...

...HANDBAGS! This is a big deal to me because I've never been into bags! And that's weird seeing that most girls go ga ga over handbags. If you remember my old post, I did say that if I had to choose between a handbag and perfume, I'd definitely go for the latter. Don't get me wrong though for I do like buying bags but I've never had the need to buy more than 1 at any given time, until now that is! gelakguling

Recently I find myself going crazy over bags and if we shop in a mall, I'd stop at every bag store we pass by. I'd go in, take a look see, oooh and aaah at some
Designer Handbags I like but none I love enough to buy, and then leave. ihikhik

Searching for the perfect bag can get tiring especially when you're like me and prefer to buy one that not only looks great but one that immediately connects with me when I first set my eyes on it. Like this one here! I love the design, the colour and the size of this handbag!

COACH Poppy Signature Sateen Groovy Handbag / Purse / Crossbody

I chanced upon Fribag recently when somebody suggested I check out this site to see if any of the many gorgeous bags available there would take my fancy. I guess this person knows just how fickle I am and having a huge choice of almost every brand imaginable could very well lead me to the perfect white or perhaps, even a cool lime green or pretty lavender handbag! Smiley


B. MAKOWSKY Victoria Shopper

I found plenty possible buys at Fribag especially from the Coach and the B Makowsky Handbags sections but I am still holding out for the perfect Designer Handbag. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed window shopping at
Fribag and if you are looking for the perfect handbag too, please see this video below for a glimpse of what's in store at Fribag.

I'm going to bookmark this page seeing that this is the first handbag site I actually like thanks to its simple design and user-friendliness. If I were to make a purchase from here, I know I don't have to worry about the process. Happy viewing and wish me luck on my search for the Perfect Handbag! Smiley

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