Monday, June 14, 2010

MM - Blog Idol Week 5 - Current Song **

YAY! Finally MPG took top spot last week on
Blog Idol 90s week and we're now in the Top 6! I was thrilled to win simply because the song featured came from my fave Mariah Carey so a huge round of applause goes out to all my voters who rooted and voted for Always Be My Baby! peluk

This week is another great theme...we're going Current! And you know there are just too many great songs out there to stick to just one right? So it will be a tough week and I am going with the totally awesome
Forever by Chris Brown! I just love this song; it's seductive, charming, addictive, inspiring all-in-one! I love the lyrics to this song too and for your viewing pleasure, I am featuring a rockin' performance of Chris Brown performing on Australian Idol. Let's dance the night away peeps and if you feel good after watching this video, don't forget to VOTE for Chris Brown HERE! menari

Music Monday!

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