Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reading Enthusiasm **

It's a serene Saturday morning and my Darling is fast asleep. After two weeks of sleepless nights working on his latest project at work, it calms me to see him comfortably nestled underneath our comforter when I woke up this morning. I have already cleaned up the living-room and two of my cats are inside the kitty condo. I did not have the heart to rouse Benji from sleep, inside our bedroom. Let Benji accompany
B in his dreams while I do my own things. ihikhik

I took this time to read another chapter of
Enthusiasm. I received Fida's novel almost two weeks ago but only now do I have the time to post about it here. Thank you to my beautiful friend
Fida for sending an autographed copy my way. Do you remember Fida's Enthusiasm giveaway and my last-minute entry for her contest? Well, I won second place so Fida sent me a copy as well. sengihnampakgigi

I've only read two chapters so far; a chapter a week if you will! Excuse my tardiness but it's been a while since I sat down with a good book and just read, know what I mean? Based on my reading so far however, I do have to let you know just how proud I am of Fida! And through her writing, I am allowed a privileged glimpse into the world she shares with her daughter and hubby.

Thanks to her novel, I now know a little bit more about
Fida and her thoughts and visions. And if previously I only knew her hubby by name, I now perceive and comprehend his full support for her work and her dream. It is nice to be able to share Fida's story through her own eyes and I have to say for a first novel, Enthusiasm is indeed a joy to read and Fida did a tremendous job in getting her voice across! tepuktangan

As you can see from her autograph, Fida mentioned lil' old me in her book, on page 35! I for one am truly excited and honoured to be included in her novel and this made me beam in pride the whole time I was flipping through the pages when the novel first arrived. hah malu

Thank you very much for remembering me Fida and I take complete joy in sharing this immense success you can rightfully call your very own. I hope to finish reading Enthusiasm soon and though I can't promise you when exactly that will be, I want you to know just how grateful I am for this wonderful gift. Thank you for the book, the friendship and most of all, thank you for the inspiration you have stirred within me. That, I will never forget.peluk


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