Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scent-Sational Makeover! *

Totally loving my awesome brand new template, courtesy of BFF Lady Java! The more I look at it, the wider my smile for this has got to be the best makeover ever for
MPG! My previous makeover was also done by LJ but this latest one defines everything MPG to perfection; exactly what I visualized in my head before witnessing it's realization at Mariuca's Perfume Gallery! tepuktangan

Let's take a look at the old
MPG shall we?

And now the new scent-sational MPG! Smiley

As you can see from the screen shots above, pretty MPG is now sporting a 4-column template, with 2 on the Left, posting column in the middle and another smaller sidebar on the Right. I have always loved the 4-column template so this was my chosen template for Lady Java to work her magic on.

Thanks to LJ for making my dream template come to life with her tweaking, re-arranging, re-aligning and of course all the coding required to get my perfume blog looking exactly the way I want it to! Isn't she awesome? She refers to
LJ and not MPG ha ha although both are looking extra gorgeous in my eyes after this makeover! gelakguling

Other changes include a lovely new background I selected to replace the previous pink heart theme. I also added a dash of lavender to the colour theme of this new template, which I think makes my perfume blog prettier. And for the first time since I started this blog, I finally changed my font from my favourite Trebuchet to this current Verdana, what do you think?

So right now, I am one happy camper and I'm so glad I spent the last few days working on my template with BFF Lady Java! She does the best makeover in town so if anyone needs a little template tweaking, a new header, or basically any other request relating to the overall look and feel of your site, visit Lady Java today! In my eyes, she is truly the
Makeover Queen and I will continue recommending her as my favourite choice when it comes to perfect and truly scent-sational makeovers! sembah

PS. Just received tweetback from @Ane that MPG now loads faster, thanks to this awesome makeover by @LadyJava!

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