Saturday, December 4, 2010

Unleash Your Inner Soul! *

For the strong, the bold and the beautiful. Outspoken and confident, YOU know your heart's desire and YOU know how to command your way to reality. Introducing Outspoken by AVON, a first collaboration with multi-platinum recording artist Fergie! tepuktangan

Created for the woman requiring no introduction, Outspoken makes a vibrant first impression. Combining the allure of the sexy rock chick who loves the limelight and the mysterious and demure belle of the ball, Outspoken is designed to reflect everything you love about being bold and uninhibited yet feminine and sensual at the same time. senyumkenyit

The perfume lover in me is truly honoured to have been selected by AVON to be one of the first to receive and savour this newly-launched scent. I used it for the first time the night of the recent Shout Awards and what I love most about this perfume is the way it lingers. Subdued after a while, the unmistakable fruity scent keeps me mesmerized in a floral, scent-sational cloud for hours on end. Smiley

Iced Berry, Star Fruit, Wild Saffron
Tuberose Absolute, Midnight Jasmine, Passion Flower
Racy Black Leather, Raw Ebony Wood, Smokey Vetiver

Intoxicating and sensual, Outspoken commands independence, confidence and femininity. Suitable for night time wear, unleash the inner seductress in you with this sexy floral scent. Head over to your nearest AVON dealer or any AVON Beauty Boutiques nationwide and pick up a bottle today! Smiley


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