Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jen or Angie and Happy 2011! *

Whoa! It's been a while hasn't it? Well, with four blogs to my name now, it is going to be harder for me to maintain and upkeep the maintenance of all blogs equally. I will try do my best of course but if I do fall short somewhere along the way, will you still be by my side and see me through it? ihikhik

Happy 2011 to everyone by the way. My New Year started off slow and the first week is seeing me down in the dumps nursing a pretty bad cold and fever since two days ago. I have no mood to do anything and thank goodness my clients seem to be on NY mode too this first week of 2011. I can take this quiet time to fully recuperate before jumping back into the swing of things. Smiley

Anyway I wanted to share this quiz with you. Let's settle the issue of who is prettier between Angie and Jen, once and for all shall we?

I've always been on Jen's team and though Angelina is beautiful, I still very much prefer the sweet, down-to-earth beauty defining Jennifer Aniston. So I'm thrilled with my result; it's what I've been rooting for all this while. How about you? Are you on Team Jen or Team Angie? Take the quiz and share your result with me, have fun and Happy New Year! Smiley

You Are Jennifer Aniston

Girl next door with a free spirit.

You're low key and naturally sexy.

Sweet and approachable, people are attracted to your upbeat attitude.

And even when life doesn't go your way, you always eventually turn things around.


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