Friday, June 3, 2011

Sensational Singapore - Victoria's Secret *

This is a terrible picture of me but it's also the only one B took of Victoria's Secret during our Singapore getaway last weekend so here goes!

We had spent the whole day in Universal Studios Singapore and VS was the last stop of the day before heading back to our hotel. I was hot, sweaty, exhausted and definitely in no mood to pose for a good picture! penat

I was however excited to finally shop in a real Victoria's Secret store after so long! I usually get my VS stuff from friends who travel abroad. KL has yet to launch an outlet here so until then, it's shopping via friends or online when it comes to Victoria's Secret.

No pictures allowed inside but basically the Victoria's Secret store in Singapore is rather small. Lingerie and fashion accessories are limited and the bulk of items available revolve around the scented products. Everything is a little pricey too and since I still have a lot of unopened VS scented products at home, I was extra careful in choosing my one single purchase! ihikhik

After browsing for a good twenty minutes, I finally decided on the Bombshell set, which came with a gorgeous silver bag! Frankly, it was the bag that caught my attention and the accompanying scent is a current bestseller so I was sold!

I have never been a bag person but lately, I find myself drawn to bags whenever I shop and even purchased another white one too this Singapore trip! Totally loving my new VS bag and can't wait to show it off! Smiley

Absolutely Fabulous!

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