Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Snip, Snip! *

I can’t wait for my hair makeover tomorrow! I’ve already made an appointment with my hairstylist and it will be a whole-day affair. I need to chop off my locks, do treatment and all the other necessary processes to get me looking good and away from the 'wifey clown' image I’m currently sporting!

I’ve been thinking about this makeover for days and I’m sure you ladies out there understand what I mean when I say cutting hair/changing hairstyle is a big issue. Your makeover can turn out simply scent-sational OR totally unlike the image you’ve initially conjured inside your head. I wanna go short but not too short. I would love to come out of the salon tomorrow looking like a million bucks though! Jennifer Anniston truly does have the best hair doesn’t she?

However, I am very well-versed with the workings of my hair and its texture etc and I am very familiar with my facial features and whatever shortcoming they have. So as much as I would love to sport this sleek and short new hairdo, I know it won’t turn out exactly like this. My hair is oh-so-thick, which means I’d have to really thin it down with a heavy-duty straightening or by ironing every few weeks to avoid a poofy (as my friend Ane, would say) look and I’m not sure I have the patience or the diligence to do so! Smiley

Wish me luck for tomorrow’s makeover then. I also need to shop for a new outfit for dinner plans with friends this weekend. I’ve not seen most of them in ages so I gotta look my best if you know what I mean? Wonder how much this makeover is gonna cost me!

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