Sunday, November 27, 2011

B-I-N-G-O ...

... And BINGO was his name-O! Yes, I know the song but I don’t play the game!

I used to play Bingo when I was a kid but never did get hook on it as much as I am addicted to my other favourite games. And though our visit to the casino in Singapore last May offered me the opportunity to play for a little ka-ching (
if I’m lucky with this game of chance!); I decided to play slots instead of Bingo. Slots are seriously way more fun than Bingo I think, but to each her own and this is just my preference. Smiley

Always no luck, grrrrr!

Thanks to my iPad 2, I am able to download more new games whenever I am bored with my current collection so I decided to rekindle my Bingo moments by checking out free Bingo games to download and play.


There were so many to choose from and I took my time to go through the first 2 pages of
Bingo games online before narrowing down my choice to 3. By the way I’ve nicknamed my iPad 2 as GamePad because seriously, all I ever use it for is to play games, night and day! Does that make me a game addict?


After playing each version of Bingo downloaded to my iPad 2; I have to say that while Bingo is an easy play, I still prefer the Lava Games I’m currently hooked on especially Fashion Story! Bingo is cool but I need more of a challenge when playing games and since this game of chance pretty much depends on luck and there’s not a whole lot of action going on, I am sticking to my addiction to Fashion Story for now. Smiley

Ever since I started playing Fashion Story three months ago, I have not stopped playing! Want to see the latest pictures of my boutique?

Forrester's Creations

I’ve enlarged some of my favourite sections for your viewing pleasure and if you see any empty rack or counter, that just mean I haven’t stocked up on my clothes and accessories yet!




So, which section of my boutique is your favourite? Smiley

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