Monday, January 24, 2011

iPad or iPhone?

I've always required help in deciding especially when it comes to shopping for something huge and costly. I'd weigh all my options, get feedback from more than a handful of people, dissect the product repeatedly, sleep on it for several nights before deciding to either part with or save my hard-earned money. If you are a little on the fickle side like me, you may find Consumer Rankings interesting too.

This site helps consumers like you and I make the wiser choice. How it works is by performing in-house testing of products followed by comprehensive analysis of product features before using rankings and feedback from real consumers to come up with reliable recommendations. So even if you're a little fickle like me, you would at least get a good guideline to help narrow down your decision to that perfect choice! Smiley

Fairly new, Consumer Rankings currently features only a handful of ranked topics including the best dating sites (please read reviews at reviews), best web hosting sites, web design services and Online Fax providers. More topics are being ranked and reviewed even as I write this post so I will check in with this site later for products more relevant to my needs.

B asked me the other day if I had a choice between the iPhone and the iPad, which one would I pick. I already have a phone and a laptop but I don't have anything Apple! And I'm not saying that he's actually going to get me one but you never know because my hubby does like surprising me with secret surprise gifts! Smiley


Frankly both gadgets are on my list of must-haves and I am undecided. I know it would depend on my current needs but putting that aside, fickle-minded me would love to hear your thoughts. So which Apple product do you prefer and why? Smiley


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