Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Black-Tie Wedding

Boy, am I in trouble! I have this big wedding to attend in two weeks and thanks to my last-minute shopping habit, I am of course left with nothing to wear at the moment. I know, maybe this is not the biggest problem in the world but it is humungous compared to what I have in my closet right now, which is nothing! garupale

So yesterday, I went through my messy closet and the mountain of clothes (lots never worn) to see if anything would fit the theme of this wedding, which by the way will be attended by 1000 guests. Smiley 

I found 3 different dresses, which though have never been worn, were purchased just in case of emergencies as such. And now I’m deciding whether to pick one of them to wear as my wedding guest outfit or to simply splurge on a new dress. Smiley

Meanwhile, I came across this really cool info on the history of wedding rings, which I’d like to share with you. Hopefully, after reading this interesting piece and trying on more hidden-in-my-closet outfits later, I’d finally be able to narrow down my choices to just one dress and happily attend this wedding. Do you remember how you got your wedding ring from your betrothed? rindu

Via: Shane Co.


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