Monday, April 25, 2011

Angrily Shopping!

You should have seen B's face when I told him I wanted to drown my sorrows by buying an iPad! After receiving some depressing news today, I got all riled up so B suggested retail therapy. I guess he didn’t expect me to immediately choose a pricey must-have-feel-good item so his jaw dropped when I angrily shouted, "I want to buy an iPad!" Smiley

Of course, that was me talking when furious and frustrated. Girls tend to do that sometimes, follow their heart and rush out to buy something big to forget the pain. The bigger the item, the lesser the pain! But after calming down and eating myself into oblivion, I decided to shop around for a new pair of shades instead!

Sunglasses are essential for me and I think I want to start collecting them. I have only three pairs of fashionable eyewear right now but one is so old that I hardly ever use it, which leaves me with two! And that simply doesn’t sound right!

So I figured a nice new pair of shades with vintage frames ought to do the trick. An awesome pair of shades will make me feel great about myself and perhaps ward off the gloom blowing my way. I am trying to forget by shopping, which is bad for my wallet. But I am also limiting my purchase to something less pricey than an
iPad, which is good for my wallet LOL! I am off to shop online for my new eyewear now! Smiley

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