Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Monica! **

Happy Birthday
to my gorgeous best blog buddy forever - the lovely Monica of Turn-u-Off! She leaves for her 3-week break today which is why we are celebrating her birthday a day early!

It would be so wrong to send Monica off on her merry way without a proper birthday celebration for she is truly one of my best online friends. Smiley

I love the ease in which we can chit-chat our way into the night and I appreciate her concern for me whenever I go MIA for a few days without any news. I love her for always cheering me up when I am down and I cherish the gossip sessions we both secretly enjoy whenever there's something juicy to dissect. Her friendship and support for me and my blogs has been relentless and I will truly miss her presence in my online life while she's away.

So today, I would like to thank Monica for the beautiful friendship she has shared with me since we first met online more than two years ago. It has been a complete joy and truly an honour to have one so caring, funny, easygoing, and just lovely extend her hand in friendship to me. Smiley

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Monica! May this day bring you lots of love and joy and let's make this birthday one to treasure for always. Have a wonderful trip sweetie; I will definitely miss you so!

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