Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Weakness!

What turns me on? What makes Mariuca go goo-goo ga-ga with a stupid silly smile plastered on my face? What is the one thing that makes me go weak in the knees? Just one word and it's Dunhill. I'm referring to the perfume, not the cigarette of course! senyumkenyit

Exuding class, elegance and style, Dunhill has always been my favourite scent when it comes to guys. I remember buying a bottle of Dunhill EDT for B way back when we first started dating and I could not get enough of him whenever he spritz some on. Take that however way you want! ihikhik

Other perfumes I have purchased for B include his favourite Hugo Boss and of course I absolutely adore Eternity by Calvin Klein on my man. CK produces some of the best scents around and I am such a huge fan! sembah

Anyway, I am planning a Parfum shopping spree this Friday and I am dead set on getting the new Dunhill Pure for my darling.
Subtle but ultra masculine. Understated but overpowering. And distinguished in its very own league, Dunhill Pure is all about living life to the fullest. An energetic fragrance full of joy and influence, Dunhill Pure exudes an aquatic and woody feel providing your man with a cool and refreshing effect. Compelling, understated, yet sensual; that is what Dunhill Pure epitomizes making it the most scent-sational choice for B! rindu

Perfume Shopping in Amsterdam

On our European Escapade last year, sadly I did not buy as many perfumes as I would have liked to. Truth be told, I had no choice because perfume bottles are heavy and I despite the 4 suitcases we brought along with us, they were mostly filled with gifts and souvenirs for family and friends. It was with much reluctance but I had to limit my purchase to only 6 bottles and this was my favourite buy! Smiley

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