Monday, February 28, 2011

Lovely Lavender *

I am looking at my FCSB and I see a three-way tie between
Monica, GG and LJ at the moment. So I need to have one last post in Feb to break this tie and the person who comments here first will WIN my FCSB this month! Smiley

Let's have a little fun with a Blogthings quiz today. I need something simple, short and sweet yet still fun to discuss and this quiz ought to do the trick! I do love Lavender by the way, so this was a scent-sational quiz with excellent results for yours truly. Smiley

How about you? What is your shampoo scent?

You Are Lavender Shampoo

You are an unfussy, down to earth, natural type of person. You shy away from anything fake.

You are both classic and classy. You always mind your manners and you never fall for trends.

While you life a simpler life than most, your personality is quite complex and layered.

You strike the perfect balance, and there are often two sides to every facet of your personality.

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