Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coming Home!

Guess who is coming home for a visit? Baby Issy! Isn't that great? I can't wait to grab my adorable niece in a big fat hug! I'm sure she has grown even more since B and I saw her last on our European Escapade and I hope she still remembers me!

Travelling long distance with babies and kids is not easy. Besides worrying about your luggage there's also a little one to attend to so if you have to bring baby stuff like a stroller with you; make sure it's a lightweight stroller.

Kids can get fussy and cranky if sitting too long and knowing Issy and how active she is; I bet she'd want to run around the plane! It's a good thing my sis only has one kid to worry about for now. Issy is a handful but since she's so cute, you can't help but smile and pinch her chubby cheeks even when she's naughty! ihikhik

Anyway, sis and family will be back for a few months so I am sure they'll be bringing with them the usual baby stuff like Issy's baby stroller and baby booster seat. My mom is already busy cleaning up the guest room and the nursery at home and I am eagerly counting the days till Issy arrives. rindu

I managed to upload a short 20-second video of my niece when B and I visited sis in London. Listen to Issy talk and have fun watching!

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