Saturday, April 21, 2012

Online Shopping Tips

If you love online shopping as much as me, you may want to take heed of these cool handy tips while indulging in your shopaholic ways. Shopping online is cool because I do believe that there are just some things you can't find anywhere else but online.

Via: TrendMicro

I used to buy my miniature perfumes from eBay and it has been ages since I enjoyed perfume shopping online. Maybe it's time to take a break from my crazy gaming activities and shop away this weekend. By the way, my mom got me a New Year's gift early this year. It was a mini perfume set, which she knows I adore! Unfortunately, I already have the very same set, which I bought on my scent-sational Singapore trip last year!

JPG Miniatures

I love my Mom however for thinking of me and appreciating my passion with this scent-sational gift and now I have two sets! gelakguling


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