Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 Resolutions *

With 12 days left in 2012, it is time for me to sit back and reflect on the happenings of this year and start making some changes for the upcoming 2013. I’m not saying that I will complete and fulfill everything on my list but here’s hoping most of them will materialize for the betterment of me, myself, and I.

1. To avoid making new Fake Friends

If you don’t already know, Fake Friends are those who sneak up on you; initially befriending you with their wit charm and grace. So you start opening up to them, confiding your deepest darkest thoughts and emotions, all the while thinking they’re real friends who love you for yourself.

After a while, you notice that implications are being made in a negative way to you as a person. You however, refuse to be confrontational so you give these fake friends the benefit of the doubt; willing yourself to believe that all the negative things you think they’re saying about you is merely a figment of your imagination. Like a fool, you continue to be friends with these fake friends; investing your true emotions, time and effort in this friendship. adus

When you least expect it however, these fake friends decide to speak their mind to the world, making it a point to diss you online instead of coming directly to you and addressing whatever issue they supposedly have with you. You are bewildered at what had transpired and though the initial hurt and disbelief never really fade, you eventually decide to pick yourself up and move on without the negativity of these fake friends.

That’s Resolution number 1.

2. To continue with my Blockbuster Diet (BD)

If you know me well, you would understand and appreciate my quirkiness when it comes to dieting in order to control my yo-yo weight. I put on weight as easy as ABC. Hence the never ending BD but don’t get me wrong people! When I say BD, I am not talking about a major diet where I starve myself silly and end up anorexic or something. I will eat less - that is my only form of diet. Oh and I will increase my house chores at home because that is also my only form of exercise. Smiley

There is definitely no call for concern when I’m on a diet nor is there a need for insignificant ticks in my life to be rude by disrespecting my belief to lose weight as unnecessary nonsense. If I want to polish off a box of donuts while watching my ‘stupid’ TV shows and then BD my guilt away, so be it! Me wanting to lose weight or maintain whatever I have is my own business and certainly not yours. If anyone is unhappy with me and my dieting ways, by all means unfollow me on Twitter. I do not need negativity in my life so ticks be gone and let me diet in peace. Smiley

That’s Resolution number 2.

3. To work harder on my copywriting business by focusing more on work instead of the trivial stuff mentioned above.

4. To make more money to fund yet another awesome trip abroad!

That’s about all I can think of for now. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my true-blue friends who I know love me for myself and have never once rejected me merely for the so-called differences in our personalities. I love my friends for this very reason and besides our shared similarities; it is also our differences that make us click! Smiley

Happy 2013 everybody and wish me luck on my resolutions! Smiley

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